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Three Years

 At the beginning of “The Hobbit”, the wizard Gandalf appears outside of Bilbo’s Hobbit hole and says “I am looking for someone to share in an adventure.” The next thing you know Bilbo who is used to an adventure-free life, full of creature comforts was dashing out his door after a band of trolls, fighting giant spiders and dragons, all the while discovering his true nature.

Three years ago today, Mutineer Editor in Chief Alan Kropf sent a contact message through my blog and asked me to go on a different type of adventure.  Although my journey has been devoid of orcs and other treachery, the result is the same. The last three years have brought me from contributor, to Food Editor and now Team Coordinator. I am a different person that I was three years ago. No longer the cautious hobbit hiding in my comfortable hole in the ground, I am having the time of my life.

There have been some wonderful experiences over the last three years. I have had a lesson in roasting with the O.G. of Seattle coffee, been stuck in the mud during a torrential downpour with a winemaker up in Mendocino and stayed up all night drinking wine and talking with one of the most lively and fun people in the spirits industry. I’ve tasted wine served on a piece of plywood in a barn in mid-conversion and on the slopes of a mountain in Catalunya. I have met wonderful people and have had experiences that will stick with me for a lifetime, but there is something in all of this that is more important to me than everything; my team.

Team Mutineer is made up of some of the most endearing people I have ever met. They are hardworking, creative and warmhearted people who care about creating a company that we can be proud of. Each day, I contemplate my fortune in finding them and can’t believe how privileged I am to have a team like this taking part in this adventure.

To Team Mutineer, there are no other people with whom I would rather travel to the Lonely Mountain. Life is about the journey and Mutineer has certainly given me the adventure of my life. Thank you.

To readers of both The Endive Chronicles and Mutineer, your support gave me the courage to take a chance and I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

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