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Three Years

 At the beginning of “The Hobbit”, the wizard Gandalf appears outside of Bilbo’s Hobbit hole and says “I am looking for someone to share in an adventure.” The next thing you know Bilbo who is used to an adventure-free life, full of creature comforts was dashing out his door after a band of trolls, fighting giant spiders and dragons, all the while discovering his true nature.

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The Celeriac Stalks At Midnight

“Keep making noise.”


“Keep making noise or I’ll think you stopped breathing.”

“Okay. What thould I thay?”

“Are you lisping?”

“Thort of.”

This mildly amusing conversation took place on a Saturday night in mid-November, also known as the most terrifying night of my life. I’ve read a lot about food allergies, have cooked for a few people with them and personally have an allergy to shiso that leaves me covered in hives with an itchy face and numb tongue. But, this is different. This is potentially life threatening. This is my husband. Continue reading The Celeriac Stalks At Midnight


Please take the time to read this examination of SOPA: http://blog.reddit.com/2012/01/technical-examination-of-sopa-and.html